Culture of Quality

Mental Health and Recovery Services Board Achieves Highest Level of Certification

April 30, 2014 – The Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities (OACBHA) awarded Board Certification to the Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Board of Putnam County. This is the highest level of certification that a local behavioral health Board can receive. The independent association of county alcohol, drug addiction, and mental health boards provides three-year certifications to Boards that can demonstrate compliance with over 140 standards.

Cheri L. Walter, CEO of OACBHA, says the certification process offers a substantive and objective means by which to evaluate board’s processes, systems and efficiencies. “We ask a great deal of Ohio’s behavioral health boards, and it’s important to be able to measure and quantify their performance,” she said. “The certification process is something that we take very seriously. The reviews are thorough exacting and broad in scope. A multi-year certification offers conclusive evidence that a board is operating with very high levels of competency, skill and efficiency.”

OACBHA awards three-year certification to Boards that demonstrate substantial fulfillment of its standards, including compliance to risk management and insurance, health and safety, human resources, mission and program, governance, finance and operations, continuous quality improvement, and ethics.